Boys Keep it in your Pants!

PEEWhile at the supermarket today, grabbing my lunch that consisted of a Peach Snapple Iced Tea and a Snickers bar, I noticed a young boy playing hide and seek with his mom. The parking lot of Safeway doesn’t seem like the ideal playground, you know with the cars driving about, but I don’t have kids so what do I know?

A closer evaluation revealed the boy was peeing behind a tree with his mom looking on. I come from a city of 8 million people and unless your homeless you don’t pee wherever you want. Since living in Hawaii I’ve seen this dozens of times. I’ve even seen boys pee on their own front lawn. I mean if your not going to use your home toilet maybe you could at least piss in the backyard.

Am I wrong that unless there is a medical emergency a parent should either take their kid to a public restroom or the kid should freaking hold it? Could this be a cultural thing? To be clear, I’m not one of these women who believe nursing mothers shouldn’t be allowed to breast feed in public. The difference between a mother providing sustenance to her child and a child pissing in public is that…well the kids pissing in public. I would sooner drive to the police or fire department and ask if I could use their restroom than let me kid publicly pee. Maybe if I had a baby brother or a neighbor who had a young boy, I would feel differently. However, just because a guys anatomy allows for easy access shouldn’t mean he can pee wherever he sees fit.

Is this allowed because all parents think that everything their child does is cute? I’m always amazed while watching television the amount of commercials for baby products where the advertiser shows baby butts, and crotches. I get it, but can everyone stop shoving their kids nether regions in my face?

So am I prude? Feel free to tell me so!! People have said worse ; )